Weaving the Wind


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You cannot divert the winds of change, But with your own invincible will, You can reach out to those shifting currents, And holding them lightly in your hands, Begin to weave a pattern, Deliberate and intrinsically yours. Wind: wild, restless and unrelenting or gentle, calming and sustaining fill the poems in Weaving the Wind with emotional experiences that touch each of us. From a raging windstorm to the intoxicating fragrance of mimosas; from the drift of snowflakes to a leaf floating on a pond, the images in Weaving the Wind while depicting the erratic nature of weather offer us a possible perspective filled with hope and healing. In Weaving the Wind the reality that we cannot control the wind is a perfect metaphor for life’s unexpected and unearned challenges that suddenly come into our lives disturbing plans and redefining who we are and what our true purpose is. The author offers poems that are dramatic, introspective and filled with intimate and soul-deep integrity. Whether confronted with grief and loneliness or abiding love and consolation her writing always returns the reader to a stunning sense of renewal. Weaving the Wind is intended to be a comforting resource for those whose own heart is the only source that can define their challenges. Within these pages the reader will find a sense of harmony, inner peace and a celebration of their own ability to weave passion, purpose and compassion into the tapestry of their lives while honoring their destiny and celebrating the indomitable spirit in each of us. Thelma Giomi is an award winning poet, author, and public speaker. She earned her Ph.D. in clinical and developmental psychology from the University of New Mexico. Dr. Giomi, a native of New Mexico, has deep connections to the land, the cultures and the people of the Southwest that enrich her life and poetry with powerful images and a deep sense of the spiritual. Through life experiences with chronic illness, being a caregiver for family members and friends she has developed a deep belief that caring for each other is the most significant and meaningful thing we can do with our lives. She emphasizes the strong spirit in all of us to find enchantment and inspiration in the world around us, empowering our lives with renewal, deep peace and purpose. Dr. Giomi is also the author of a novel, Weather’s Store: Encounters with the Sacred.