Weaving the Wind – Linda L. Spalding

April 2, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your manuscript. I savored it over the past week. The story itself, and the “spirit” of it brought up so many emotions and ponderings that I have recently been trying to pin down on a personal level. I’m not even sure how to articulate it, except that I feel a deep need to dig down into myself to see what really makes me tick. Through my mother’s side of the family, I know I have ancient ties with Spanish/Mexican/Native American cultures, but I have lost those connections, although my interest and curiosity in the mystical aspects of those cultures is still strong. Jessie’s experiences (the searching, the frustrations, the longing for something elusive, realizations and revelations) tugged at me as I journeyed with her. I wanted to jump in my car and drive until I found Weather’s Store. I was ready – even for the pain and suffering and loneliness – that must come with self- discovery. I want to experience that apocalyptic storm of awareness!

Your writing style is sort of poetic prose – fluid and tangible, chewy and gritty to the point of being sensual. I could see, smell, hear, and feel the wind, the rain, the moods, everything. I know I learned some lessons about metaphoric style. I’d really like to be able to do that. I admire your exquisite use of language. Now I’m eager to read your poetry and other work and I do hope you will pursue publishing.

Let me know if we can meet again sometime and talk about the writer’s support group or just life in general.