Church of My Heart


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You’re poems take my breath away. The theme of quiet is powerful and one that I’d resonated with on a deep, deep level, my soul savors the words and images and smiles with understanding. I was struck by the message of your poems with how much I could have a far-reaching effect in my everyday life–not only as a therapist. My thanks for getting me in touch with that. It adds a different dimension to my everyday chore-oriented life. How wonderful that you have the gift of poetry. Thank you for enriching me with your gift.

Anne Sitarz Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

The Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a sacred site to the surrounding pueblos. They have sent their prayers there for hundreds of years.

About this place Debra wrote, “I believe we leave some of who we are, some essence of our humanity. I believe when someone else taps into that, that part of us, whether we are dead or living, we know it. We know it as affirmation, grace and peace.”

Church of My Heart, a collection of Debra’s thoughts and meditations, draws the reader into this sacred site. Hopefully, the legacy of her writings will inspire others to protect the Monument.

“I don’t know why this landscape has gotten a hold on me, what it has given life to inside me. I just know I am at peace anywhere around the escarpment and the volcanoes.”

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