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Growing Up in Albuquerque

I REMEMBER/GROWING UP IN ALBUQUERQUE Crusin Albuquerque by Sally Bryant   I REMEMBER I was stopped in the gallery by the painting. There it was, Downtown Albuquerque. The city of my childhood. We were all a part of that city. Hispanics, Italians, and Germans. Here was America without walls. The theaters are there in the…

A Winter’s Legend/ A pathway to Hope

A WINTER LEGEND   The old woman, a kerchief full of twigs slung over her shoulder, halted where I stood in the snow just off the winter trail. My heart was heavy with a sadness that did not match the season. How would I go on with such a burden. She faced me—worn garments, wind-tangled,…

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The Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a sacred site to the surrounding pueblos. They have sent their prayers there for hundreds of years… Read More

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Shatter My Heart the reader is immediately immerse in the challenges encountered by Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul as their hearts and lives are shattered by illness, loss… Read More


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You cannot divert the winds of change, But with your own invincible will, You can reach out to those shifting currents, And holding them lightly in your hands, Begin to weave a pattern… Read More


Winter’s Invitation is an opportunity to pause just as the holiday season draws us into its demands and incessant activity. These poems provide a sanctuary for quiet reflection and… Read More


The Beagle Blues is a collection of poems that brings you the delightful antics of a little Blue Beagle. The poems in this book will enchant readers of all ages. Dog lovers will find their own dear companions’ playfulness and innocence captured in the poems. Read More