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Introducing Giomi’s New Book

Shatter My Heart

The strength of this novel is in the dynamic development of each of the four main characters. Individually, as couples and as friends Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul, find themselves facing unexpected and often unearned challenges in their lives. Surviving life’s most daunting ordeals they find that these events break their hearts leaving them able to become the heroes of their own lives. Shatter My Heart is the compelling story of four unique and gifted individuals who find that to live fully they must be willing to be wounded by life’s blessings.

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See What My Readers Say About Me

  • 5
    Shatter My Heart should be titled Capture My Heart. I found as I read this new work of Thelma’s, my heart was captured, and I wanted to read more and more. The situation is intriguing and the characters are captivating. I found that I wanted to know these people and discover how they worked through their issues. Definitely a good read.
  • 5
    The author’s ability to use descriptive phrases shines through this book and gives the reader effortless insight into the four main characters, which is one of the strongest points of the novel.
  • 5
    Skillful and poignant writing with a compelling premise.
  • 5
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