The Award Winning: Shatter My Heart


Books that are emotionally engaging, passionately crafted, and infused with hope.


Deeply felt; explores the complexities of human relationships, illness, and the ability to change.


From the first sentence in The Award Winning: Shatter My Heart the reader is immediately immerse in the challenges encountered by Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul as their hearts and lives are shattered by illness, loss, infidelity and the demands of commitment to each other.

The engaging prose of this book offers a unique and intriguing sequence of events and experiences creating a captivating energy. It is not simply a recounting of Ian’s psychological development. It is not just a medical drama of Lauren’s missed diagnosis and the dramatic events that occur when the medical profession fails her. It is not just a story about their turbulent marriage or the tests of friendships. It is all of these things woven into a constantly moving narrative. Shatter My Heart draws the reader into its complexity through an authentic representation of life speaking to audiences who long for these very issues to be dealt with in honest and inspiring visual prose.

Passionately crafted the writing takes the reader deep inside Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul’s experiences. In this dynamic story the four friends, individually and together, face and overcome some of life’s devastating events. They emerge from these challenges with poise and compassion, becoming the heroes of their own lives.

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