Winter’s Invitation


Books that are emotionally engaging, passionately crafted, and infused with hope.


You’re poems take my breath away. The theme of quiet is powerful and one that I’d resonated with on a deep, deep level, my soul savors the words and images and smiles with understanding. I was struck by the message of your poems with how much I could have a far-reaching effect in my everyday life–not only as a therapist. My thanks for getting me in touch with that. It adds a different dimension to my everyday chore-oriented life. How wonderful that you have the gift of poetry. Thank you for enriching me with your gift.

Anne Sitarz Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Winter’s Invitation is an opportunity to pause just as the holiday season draws us into its demands and incessant activity. These poems provide a sanctuary for quiet reflection and a resource for the high energy and excitement of the season. They are lyric and elegant with a resonance and rhythm that moves through the words. They vibrate with meaning on levels that surprise the reader with each new reading, not just at the holidays, but throughout the year. Reading the poems engages us in the deeper significance of the holidays, the light festivals and traditions, both ancient and personal, that we cherish. Their message is always one of resilience, compassion and peace.

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