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Thelma Giomi, Ph.D., a psychologist, author and awarding poet, brings her extensive experience teaching and working in a medical setting, as well as living with a chronic illness to the lives of the four main characters in Shatter My Heart. She immediately immerses the reader in the challenges encountered by Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul as their hearts and lives are shattered by illness, loss, infidelity and the demands of commitment to each other. In this dynamic story the four friends, individually and together, face and overcome some of life’s devastating events. They emerge from these challenges with poise and compassion, becoming the heroes of their own lives.

Skillful and poignant writing with a compelling premise.
Southwest Writers Workshop

Shatter My Heart is tender where it need tenderness; intense where intensity is called for.
Raynold Conger

Shatter My Heart” should be titled “Capture My Heart.” I found as I read this new work of Thelma’s, my heart was captured and I wanted to read more and more. The situation is intriguing and the characters are captivating. I found that I wanted to know these people and discover how they worked through their issues. Definitely a good read.
Phillip Herndon

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