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Finding Our Connections through the Words

It is a strange feeling for an author, a poet, to send her words out into the deep unknowing. Will they touch the intended heart? The one that was the reason the words needed to be sent out? Will they resonate and leave a trace of affirmation, hope, encouragement? It is a question I must ask myself when the struggle to publish and market slips like a dark cloud over the radiance of the words.  Yet, when readers write to me of what the words meant to them, of how the story rang true to their story, or how they would reread it all over again because they found comfort within the pages, the words, then I know my mission is my mission. It is worth the challenges that come from taking the words inside me and manifesting them on paper and offering them without conditions to anyone who needs to hear.

In what I do there is no room for the negative, the angry or jealous spirit to interrupt the need to proceed with the mission. There is a purity of heart and mind that moves through the coming together of the poem; the novel. It remains unblemished and that is why those who need to read the words find them and are comforted by them as they would be by a good mother’s embrace on a stormy night. The words come from that place that says, “You are good and what you have experienced is real and difficult and you can with your courageous heart shine through it all and bless those around you.”

Out there in the deep unknowing are the kindred souls that gather with me through the words and we are made stronger, braver, wises for standing together.

Please share your thoughts, responses, comments, stories. It is a true gift to find the connections that come often from that deep unknowing place.

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