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A Birthday Remembrance

Today I celebrate my mother’s birthday. A woman who loved being a mother more than anything. What I have of resilience and compassion I inherited from her. For others who no longer have the physical presence of their mother in there lives perhaps knowing that what some may call coincidence or synchronicity may just be a mother still sending love and kisses.




Between the seat cushions

Wedged deep,

I glimpse an edge of red paper.

I pick it up casually,

Ready to discard this wayward scrap,

But when I hold it in my hand

I see it is a picture of

A silver Hershey’s kiss

With a tag,

“Kisses for my daughter.”

My breath catches. How did it get there,

Lodged so deep between the cushions.

That I missed it?

It is an ad for a tiny music box

One that plays,

“You are so beautiful to me.”

Her words repeated so often

In the days before her death.

“Come close, I have kisses for my daughter.”

“You are so beautiful to me.”

You are so beautiful to me, too,

And the kisses of gratitude

For this moment

That she chose to remind me,

Are salty and warm and filled with her presence.

© by Thelma Giomi, Weaving the Wind, 2011


Happy Birthday, Mom. Always in our hearts, sending kisses.

Weaving the Wind is a collection of poems embracing resilience, compassion and honoring our destiny. You can find it on this site or at Amazon or local bookstores.



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