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A blue moon on Halloween! On this night I send out a poem of hope that we will see the beginning of change and reacquaint ourselves with the strength to carry on even on the dark nights between blue moons.



Things that almost never happen are happening.

If you gamble tonight you will beat the odds.

If you make a wish a possible energy will answer you.

Everything you ever feared is reversing itself.

Time expands.

Breathing deeply of the rare air

It is as if you have found a sanctuary,

Walked into an indigo grotto

That sparkles even where there are no stars.

You are washed clear through with the luminous moon-glow.

Spilled ink shadows are cast away from your path.

It is safe for you to acquaint yourself

With the strength beneath your longing,

Because it will never betray you.

Not even when this rare night has passed,

Not even on the dark and ordinary nights

Between Blue Moons.


Poem excerpted from Weaving the Wind. Poems by Thelma Giomi

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