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A Simple Ceremony

Simple rituals take a moment, an ordinary moment, and bring us into its presence. We are for the moment with the moment. Drawn by some gesture, a phrase, a simple ceremony like lighting a candle

My friend of German heritage always reaches for the hands of those around the table and as we follow his gesture and grasp hands, he says simply, “Guten Appetit”.

Always the moment seems reverent. We have touched each other, paused our conversation and been connected and realize in that simple connection that we are filled with gratitude for this moment of friendship and sharing food and thoughts. It only means, “Enjoy your meal.” It doesn’t require anything of us but to hold hands in celebration and wish each other joy in the moment.

Always when he does that, we begin our meals with smiles, anticipating how good the food will taste, realizing how cherished these times together are.

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