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Wishing all of you the best of holidays. Here is my gift to you in this years holiday poem. Thank you for your support of my work throughout the year.

I would make a season for you
Of fresh evergreens and
Feathered snowflakes
That create a lacework landscape.
Of red berries in vases,
And ornaments and treasures for the tree
Full of remember-when smiles.
Of the aroma of mulled cider
And festive feasts.
Of waiting for the redeemer’s birth
And the wise men’s gifts.
Of wreathed doors welcoming you,
And cards and calls and surprises
Manifesting the kindness
In the hundred hearts that love you.
I would conspire with this season
To recapture the twinkle of your childhood eyes,
To spin out every myth and legend
That made you trust in magic,
To rekindle the suspense
Of wrapped and ribboned presents.
I would make just for you
A timeless season.
Memories never fade
Dreams never fly away.
Hope never fails.
The hands of the clock are meaningless.
In this season peace is perpetual,
You dance and sing your bliss
In the standstill Solstice Night.
I would make this a season
Where beginnings, passions and possibilities
Are, at once, and always present,
Here where time has no dominion.

May you find peace and joy a timeless presence in the New Year

©by Thelma Giomi, 2016

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