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A Victory Over Invisible Illness/First Place with National Federation of Press Women


Today, I won a victory over lupus and for all those who have met the challenge of this disease and other invisible illnesses. My mainstream literary novel, SHATTER MY HEART, has won first place in the National Federation of Press Women’s contest for best adult literary novel. Inspired by my life, but also by the patients and stories that have been shared with me over the years, this novel confronts all those traumatic issues we face in the difficult and often years long wait for a diagnosis, the unpredictability of the illness, the lack of really significant treatment options, and the impact it has not only on us, but on our loved ones, relationships and life. What this book does is honestly confront these issues, but more than that it gives a pathway to finding a meaningful, purpose-filled life with the disease. It is a book that challenges the medical profession and our friends and families to step up as we have to live life fully and it embraces the message of acceptance that is the beginning of hope and resilience.

PLEASE CELEBRATE THIS AWARD WITH ME. If you are interested  share your stories, your successes and find this book and others that celebrate the small and big victories in our lives.


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