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An Invitation

An Invitation from Thelma Giomi

Please join me Sunday, at Treasure House Books in Old Town, July 14 at 1PM for the signing and reading from two of my books: the new edition of Weather’s Store and Church of My Heart, my sister, Debra’s experiences at the Petroglyph Park. I would love to share this cultural event with you.

On Sunday July 14 at 1PM you will find answers to:

  • What is the mystery of the high desert?
  • What is the magic that draws someone to the high desert of New Mexico?
  • Why do we call New Mexico the land of enchantment?
  • Who are the people, the cultures that foster new perceptions and encourage us to honor our destiny?
  • What healing herbs and wise, sometimes funny dichos are integral to life in New Mexico?

Thelma answers these questions as well as sharing examples of healing herbs and the inspiration for these books.

Weather’s Store challenges you to answer, “How will you honor your destiny?” In this second edition this mesmerizing novel challenges your perceptions and empowers self-discovery as you explore this remote part of northern New Mexico. You will join Jessie as she encounters a curandera and weaver, brujas, ordinary people of the area with extraordinary insights, and the Store’s enigmatic owner, Weather. This book has been referred to as prose-poetry and magical realism.

Weather’s Store it is sure to pose the question: “How will you honor your destiny?”

Church of My Heart embraces Debra Giomi’s writings about her experiences in the Petroglyph Park and her response to the question, “How will you honor your destiny?”

I look forward to seeing you for the signing and readings from Weather’s Storeand Church of My Heart,

1PM July 14
Treasure House Books and Gifts
2012 S. Plaza St NW #A
Old Town

Whether you are able to attend or not, please visit for more about the books, the author and future events.

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