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Shatter My Heart is a novel that takes you into the lives of four gifted individuals that come together through the novel as couples and friends. Through the events in the novel, their hearts are shattered by physical and mental illness, loss, infidelity, and the demands of true friendship. Through these dynamic experiences they find that their shattered hearts have opened them to depths of love and compassion they had not imagined possible.

Here is a snapshot of what the book is about. In the days ahead I will answer questions about the characters, the writing process and the life of a writer. Enjoy and please send in comments and questions of your own.

Surgeon Ian Blackburn, emotionally wounded by an abusive father and fearful of anything that exposes his vulnerabilities, is running from his own sense of compassion. When he meets Lauren Wimberley, a psychologist teaching and treating patients at the medical school, all his defenses are challenged. Their love story is a compelling drama filled with shifting moods and events as Ian spirals to near self-annihilation. Lauren’s mysterious undiagnosed symptoms thread themselves through the events in this story. Her best friends, Paul and Nikki Fiori provide a sanctuary for Lauren in her darkest moments. The Fioris live their lives with passion, humor and an acceptance of what life brings to them. Their openness allows them to find wisdom and a gentler perspective on life’s challenges. Each of these characters has a unique and personal story throughout the novel. As they emerge as individuals they also come to respect and value what each has brought to the lives of the others.

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