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Guest Poet-Kuan Tikkun

I am pleased to be able to host gifted poets on this site. The poem, “Heaven’s Now” by Kuan Tikkun is a delightful journey to reassurance.

Heaven’s Now


Kuan Tikkun


Slow and steady wins the race

Your inner tortoise sets the pace

Live as if you’ve won your goal:

Life as a free enlightened loving soul.


Carrying your home upon your back

Keeps personal boundaries intact.

Let no one detract from your intent

Unless allowed with your consent.


This tortoise slow and steady race

Is to a state beyond a place

Beyond a finish line or end,

Beyond a road or highway bend.


To live with knowing gratitude

For your Hidden Resource is an attitude

That maintains a link to an inside state:

Welcoming the gift of Infinity’s Grace.


To have the finished end within

To make learning from struggle the way to win

Then tortoise dance a victory lap

Heaven’s now has no time gap.


Slow and steady wins the race

Patient habits set the pace

To stay focused with thoughtful care

Brings a wealth of peace into your lair.


Let tortoise view see you through

Plod with care in all you do

Others may race with a faster gait

Heaven’s now says “You’re never late”.

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