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The word Heart in the title, Shatter My Heart, has seemed to send Amazon on a quest to match it to lighter novels. This book has a complicated love story as part of addressing the complex ramifications of invisible and chronic illnesses.

Shatter My Heart is more accurately a novel that challenges the medical profession’s sensitivity and willingness to go beyond simple algorithms to find the true source of a symptoms and, then, stay with the patient as faithfully as the incurable disease does.

Invisible illnesses are increasingly getting more attention as patients refuse to be dismissed because their symptoms are dismissed by a physician who deems them as vague. Those of us who suffer for years, undiagnosed illnesses know the unreliability of many blood tests to identify an illness consistently.

I hope those with invisible illnesses and undiagnosed persistent symptoms will find in Shatter My Heart a resource of encouragement, acknowledgement of their frustration and hope for affirmation and compassion.

It is my hope that those of you who find this novel will comment here or start a dialogue sharing your experiences. We all need to make these experiences visible and defy the assumptions of those who cannot or will not see.

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