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Lupus Awareness Day : Making the Invisible to Visibile

Lupus is a chronic, incurable, and often invisible autoimmune illness. It is a daily challenge for those living with it to cope with the myriad of symptoms and often lack of support and understanding from family, friends, employers, and physicians. Just as difficult is the necessity to cope with coping constantly. The average time for diagnosis for some with Lupus symptoms is still 5-10 years. Many devasting physical and emotional consequences leave the individual feeling helpless and the process chaotic.

As many of you are aware, I have written and spoken extensively about this insidious disease. My award-winning novel SHATTER MY HEART embraced the long and troubled journey of a competent, confident woman in her determination to discover what was causing her “vague” symptoms. Dismissed by physicians as “merely depressed” or “wanting to be ill,”  her struggle continued until desperate events led to her diagnosis. This novel is not a catalog of the illness. It is a dynamic portrait of the woman with Lupus, Lauren, and of those she loves and who love her. This novel incorporates the many ways we heal through our words, our ability to listen and to accept the reality of another’s experiences.

Shatter My Heart is a call for compassion and empathy in the face of the mystery of invisible illness.  To those with an invisible illness and those supporting them, this book is a way to find a compelling story that illuminates the nature of living constructively with whatever life brings into our lives.

Shatter My Heart, along with my blogs, are my offerings to help and heal everyone who lives with any invisible, chronic illness.

Below is the proclamation of World Lupus day, where you will find more specifics about the reality of Lupus.

World Lupus Day
Whereas, Lupus is a severe and unpredictable autoimmune disease that can cause life-threatening damage to any organ in the body; and,
Whereas, Lupus is a global health problem that affects millions of young women, men, and
children of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders, and ages worldwide; and
Whereas, there remains low public awareness and understanding of lupus symptoms and
health effects relative to its significant impact on the lives of people with Lupus; and
Whereas, many primary care physicians are not fully aware of all of the signs and symptoms
of Lupus, causing people with Lupus to suffer for many years before they can obtain a diagnosis
and begin treatment; and
Whereas, people with Lupus need access to medical specialists and high-quality
multidisciplinary care, including emotional, psychological and social care; and
Whereas, there is an urgent need to develop tools that will improve patient and physician
communications; and
Whereas, medical research efforts to find the causes of Lupus, create useful tools to monitor
disease activity, and develop more targeted and tolerable treatments are under-funded in
comparison with diseases of similar magnitude and severity; and
Whereas, there is a deep, unmet need worldwide to educate and support individuals affected by
lupus, including their family members and caregivers,
Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that 10 May 2021 is hereby designated as World Lupus
Day on which lupus organizations around the globe call attention to the need for increases in
public and private sector funding for medical research on Lupus, education programs for health
Professionals and patients, and improved access to quality medical care for people with Lupus.
Proclaimed This Day, 10 May 2021



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