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Shatter My Heart Book Launch/Successful Event

Shatter My Heart Book Launch/Successful Event

We thought at times this day would never come, but on April 8 we had a great book launch. 60 people showed up which was close to the number invited. The celebration was a true joy for me and for those who have been involved in getting Shatter My Heart to publication.

We will put up photos soon to share the event with all of you.

I am so grateful to all those who attended for the joy and enthusiasm they had at the launch of my first mainstream novel, Shatter My Heart.I look forward to the many other signings and readings that are ahead of us. Hoping I will see even more of you at those events as they are scheduled.

Here are a couple of responses to the launch.

You are so poised, look great and hold a firm confidence as you speak and read.

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your book signing. You were so gracious to acknowledge all the health care and publishing folks who supported you in getting health care and providing help with the book.
And I applaud you in getting the book written and published. — and it was such a success! What a good turnout. Hoorah!

So many friends, professionals in health care, and other writers. It was a joy to engage these people in the conversation about this book, Shatter My Heart.

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