Books that are emotionally engaging, passionately crafted, and infused with hope.


Thelma-Giomi-SHatter-My-Heart-Novel-Front-Cover-Only Writing a book is sheer joy, an adventure of discovery. You pour your passion, your message, your love of your characters and their lives into an experience of writing that takes you to another place.

Publishing is another experience altogether. In future blogs, I will go into the things that can happen with publishing a mainstream novel. For now, let me just say this was a trial I did not expect. Things turned around when l I got a release from the contract I had with Page and turned my book over to the competent hands of Waleed Ashoo at Lithexcel.

The day arrived, and the books are here. They are on Amazon and Kindle and we are working on an audio book. So much is finally coming together. I have been delighted with the support from many friends, Linda Castoria Carstens and Carol Shea you are great at marketing support.

There are events planned and speaking engagements, finding a venue for the book launch/celebration, speaking to book clubs (a delight).

Thank you goes out to all involved in the process and all who supported me through it.

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