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Will You Dance

The theme of healing through music, singing, dancing and storytelling are so integral to our well being. It is why I turned this year’s holiday poem toward the vibrancy of hearing our own song and dancing our own dance. Here is that poem from December 2018 and following it a similar sentiment by Gabrielle Roth. May the healing gift of music fill you and this day.

In this December night, cold and clear,

What message in the music do you hear?

The melodies, familiar and dear.

Is it myth, magic or miracle they sing?

Is it peace, hope and joy they bring?

Just as you begin to hum the next note

All that is past catches in your throat.

Beloved, December sings the past.

So even if you choose to slip into the season

like your favorite blue jeans,

The ones with a promise in the pocket,

The songs are fading fast.

While you sing of peace, hope and joy,

The new born baby boy chants for you alone,

“Day by day by grace you are transformed.”

So, if you listen in the still, sweet silence of a solstice night,

Your true name will drift on loving notes you hear clearly in the quiet night,

And as you draw the promise from your pocket

Your soul begins to sing a melody, intimate, yours alone,

Vibrating with energy, pulsing with possibility, resonating in the purest tone.

It catches up your longing, thoughts and dreams,

Swirling them around you like a mage wind playing on a phantom flute

Carrying them through this December night, cold and clear,

The wind brings one query made from faith not fear,

The passing season’s simple request cannot be left to chance,

“When you hear your song this year, Will you dance?


Here are the healing words of Gabrielle Roth that echo my own:

In many shamanic societies, if you came
to a medicine person complaining of being
disheartened, dispirited or depressed,
they would ask one of four questions:
“When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop being comforted in the sweet territory of silence?”
As I wished you in December, I wish you again, “May you hear your song and dance.”

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