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AMAZON A DISAPPOINTMENT for Shatter My Heart Reviews

AMAZON A DISAPPOINTMENT for Shatter My Heart Reviews

After selling so many books at the book launch and more at our local independent book store I discovered that Amazon will not publish any review if the book was not bought directly from them. While it makes some sense, it eliminates so many reviewers.

Many individuals bought multiple copies of Shatter My Heart from Amazon and gave it as a gift. Those individuals are excluded from writing a review that can be posted on Amazon.

In addition, this regulation by Amazon keeps away many reviews that provide reasons for those looking at the book to purchase the book.

Finally, one might go to write a review and stay to look at other books.

It seems Amazon is creating such a restrictive, artificial environment that it cripples authors in their attempt to market their book. Let Amazon know you are unhappy with them limiting your access to share your views on a book.

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