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Medical Drama/A Call to Compassion/Shatter My Heart

Recently I received a review from a woman who had just finished reading my literary novel, Shatter My Heart. What she brought out was the medical drama and convergence with other invisible illnesses. I am incorporating her review into this blog because her medical drama and the issues of chronic illness touch so many lives and converge with my characters and touch so many lives.

Review of Shatter My Heart

Dr. Lauren Wimberly s’ character has brains and an invisible illness. In this character Thelma Giomi has created a compelling chronicle of a psychologist who has a gifted insight into human nature but who is baffled by her intermittent lupus symptoms.

Nikki and Paul Fiori are her friends who have a strong marriage an interesting family and academic research life. Their support is unconditional and critical for Lauren’s well-being. I appreciate the love and mutual respect of the Fiori’s married relationship. Where do I meet men like Paul?

As a childhood trauma survivor, I have spent much of my life loving charming individuals who are emotional invalids. I appreciate the sympathetic portrayal of the brilliant Ian Blackburn and his inner demons. And I can understand Laura Wimberlys’ ambivalence in loving him.

As a person living with chronic fatigue syndrome, another invisible illness, I appreciate Thelma Giomi’s thoughtful portrayal of Lauren’s medical dilemmas. For normal folks who have never dealt with the arroagant ignorance of well-intentioned doctors, let the book be a wake- up call. Lauren’s experiences mirror my own. After many false starts, I hold dear those medical professionals who respect me, my illness and vague symptoms . When the health care community s’ science and experience cannot explain a patient’s symptoms, they often marginalize and blame the patient for conditions that neither they nor the patient can understand. Would that doctors could admit they don’t know and learn to support a patient in working out a diagnosis and treatment plan. Please try and be a co-worker with a patient.
Shatter My Heart is a call for compassion and empathy in the face of the mystery of invisible illness. I can recommend it to those with and invisible illness, and those wanting to support us.
Kuan Tikkun

Kuan has really captured so many of the themes in this literary novel that is in large part a medical drama manifesting through the experiences of the characters in this book.

Whether you see this book as a medical drama, a complicated love story or the call to care for each other in whatever challenges come to us or our loved ones, I think the Kuan’s characterization of this novel as a call for compassion and empathy cannot be stressed enough.

Thank you Kuan. Hopefully, this novel will prove a support for all those with invisible illnesses going through the medical drama of their own.

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